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Bay Area Hourly Limo Service

Our Bay Area hourly limo service is ready to take care of all your driving needs.

With Bay Area Hourly Limo Service, we’ll shuttle you to and from any destination in the Bay Area for a low hourly rate. You tell us when and where to show up and where you are going, and our professional chauffeurs will do the rest. Whether its just to your hotel or an entire day on the city Bay Area Limo Service is here for you.

Would you like your entire wedding party to arrive safe to the wedding and reception? Our Bay Area Hourly Limo Service will pick up the bridal party in a luxury SUV and get you and your party safe and sound to both.

Your son or daughter wants to impress their date to the prom – that means no showing up in the family beater. Showing up in one of Bay Area Limo Service’s luxury cars, being chauffeured to prom, will not only impress your future daughter-in-law, but all of the other high school students, netting you brownie points with your child.

Napa Valley Hourly Limo Service

Tell us which Napa Valley wineries you want to visit – by yourself or with your group of friends – and our hourly chauffeurs will take you on a tour of wine country, letting you enjoy the sights and tastes without worrying about driving later.

Instead of getting a shuttle to and from the airport, where you are crammed in a van with people and forced to wait through four stops before getting home, Bay Area Limo Service will pick you up from or drop you off the airport. No more worrying about luggage or other travelers – it’s just you.

If you need to get to a business meeting but can’t lose the time driving when you need to prep your speech, we can pick you up from your office and navigate through traffic while you review your notecards. When the meeting is over, we’ll pick you up and take you back to your office.

Just visiting the Bay Area? Rental cars or taking a taxi to see the sights all day can be expensive. Not using the same taxi all day means having to find a taxi at every location. Taxis are paid by distance – if you don’t know the area, taxi drivers could take advantage and take the long route. With our Bay Area Hourly Car Service, you pay by the area – regardless of the route we take. Plus, you can visit the sights knowing that your friendly driver will be waiting to open the door for you, with no waiting in line for a taxi or watching as all the taxis that go by are already filled.

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